I'm Going Slightly Mad

Words and music by Queen (Freddie)

Recording information by Philipp

Recorded at Mountian studios,Montreux.

At first John and Roger recorded the hythm tracks. Roger also had a electric snare in the kit, John used a five string bass.

Then Freddie recorded a keyboard playing these whacky voice-sounding lines. Brian played his guitar with a guitar-synth, getting this extreme distortion. You can here this guitar only very in the background.

Then Brian recorded the solo: first guitar one plays a line clean with slide, Then guitar two plays a line with distortion and slide. After that there is guitar one again with reverb and distortion (added via pedal). And then guitar two plays the rest, clean.

The two solo guitars are doing some fills in the rest of the song, most recognizable the delay-lick in the end (about two sec delay). Roger added a percussion track: some wind chimes in the intro, and a shaker doubling the hi-hats throughout.

The backing vocals were done in one track by the three singing members.

The lead vocals by freddie were done with some reverb. They also sampled some of Freddies voices and laughters and used it later quite modificated in the track.

Key:Till 3:23 it's Dm, from 3:23 to end it's E