Words and music by Queen (Brian)

Recording information by Philipp

This song was recorded at Metropolis Studios,London,between September and December 1990.

At first the three basic tracks were recorded:

The recording session for these three tracks had quite a live feel,as I suppose....

Later David Richards (co-producer and computer-programmer) added a drum-computer track with a fast 16th figure on the closed hi-hat. This overdub appears most of the time, but in the break around 2:55 you can hear it best.

In the first 30 seconds of the song, there is also a piano overdubbed, which is playing low notes with lots of reverb.

Roger's bass-drum has got a small delay...

And Brian added a solo-guitar, of course (Drop-D tuning). The strange sound comes from a combination of distorted lead sound, Stereo-Phaser and WAH-WAH! There were some additional solo-bits recorded,but not used! In the video version, however, you can hear them...and you can see the studio,too..

The backing vocals needed only one track, sung by Brian, Roger and Freddie (three voices). The lead vocals are done by Freddie,of course.

They needed for this song about 9 recording-tracks, which is not so much for a QUEEN-production in the 90's

The key is D, the Tempo:144 YOUīRE MY BEST FRIEND(from the album A NIGHT AT THE OPERA,written by John Deacon) Recorded at Sarm Studios in June/July 1975. Together with Mike Stone and Roy Thomas Baker. At the beginning of the session,Roger and John recorded the Drum and Bass tracks. Roger tuned his toms very nearly to the same pitch. John played his Fender Bass(four strings,standart tuning). Then John sat down his E-piano and recorded two tracks: 1.the basic sound-carpet of the song 2.some high pitched,bell like overdubs. After this,Roger and John recorded a handclap track together. Now Brian took his Red Special(standart tuning)and recorded three guitar tracks for the background-guitar choir.Then he did the two solo-guitars. He played those sweet sustaining tones with the amp,John made for him,taken lots of treble. After this Roger and Freddie came to Brian and they recorded a three-voices backing vocal track.Then Roger and Freddie added another track for the high voices of the vocal chords.And on a third track they recorded some additional vocal extravaganzas. After those multi-tracked choir things,Freddie sung the lead-vocals and the song was finished... The Key is C The Tempo 116 in a 12/8 bar. PLAY THE GAME(from the album THE GAME,written by Freddie Mercury) Recorded at Musicland Studios,Munich(my hometown)in the time between February and May 1980. At first the Piano,bass and Drum-tracks were recorded(Piano played by Freddie). Brian recorded the Rythm guitar two times(double tracked),to get a fatter sound. Mack(producer) did some backwards Cymbal effects and Synthesiser portamento effects on two tracks.(using the Oberheim OBX) Then Brian played the solo-guitar,using a chorus pedal. I wanna add,that some parts of Rogerīs drum-work on this song are very tricky and a highlight on the album. The backing-vocals are done on two tracks by Roger,Brian and Freddie.(up to five different voices,some voices are double tracked) And finaly Freddie did the lead-vocals.There are demo-tapes of this song,where a guy from the BeeGees sings the lead-vocals,too. Hereīs a little look at the equipment: Brian used his Red Special,Vox amp,a treble booster and a chorus pedal. John didnīt use a Fender or a Music Man bass on this song,as I think. Itīs a bass with a very mellow sound,but itīs no Fretless.I donīt know the brand. The Key Am(or C?) Tempo:80