Play The Game

Words and music by Freddie Mercury

Recording information by Philipp

Recorded at Musicland Studios,Munich in the time between February and May 1980.

At first the piano, bass and drum-tracks were recorded (piano played by Freddie). Brian recorded the Rhythm guitar two times (double tracked) to get a fatter sound. Mack (producer) did some backwards cymbal effects and synthesiser portamento effects on two tracks (using the Oberheim OBX). Then Brian played the solo-guitar,using a chorus pedal. I wanna add that some parts of Roger's drum-work on this song are very tricky and a highlight on the album.

The backing-vocals are done on two tracks by Roger,Brian and Freddie (up to five different voices, some voices are double tracked)

And finally Freddie did the lead-vocals. There are demo-tapes of this song where Andy Gibb (brother of the BeeGees) sings the lead-vocals,too.

Here's a little look at the equipment: Brian used his Red Special, Vox amp, a treble booster and a chorus pedal. John didn't use a Fender or a Music Man bass on this song, as I think it's a bass with a very mellow sound, but it's not fretless. I don't know the brand.

The key is Am (or C?), the tempo is 80