We Will Rock You

Words and music by Brian May

Recording information by Philipp

Recorded at Wessex Studios

Although it sounds that the song was a very simple and quick shot,it wasn't so quick to record...The recording room in an old converted church, Wessex has got a great acoustic atmosphere, so Brian decided to recorded the basic percussion thing here. Every member went into the room and stamped on the boards and clapped his hands. After every member did it several times, they mixed it.


I'm not sure, but I think they didn't record the guitar-solo at Wessex, either. The sound comes from a chorus(with a bit of phasing)-pedal and special pick-up combination on Brian's RED SPECIAL:Bridge and Middle Pick-Up in phase. There is no vibrato-effect! The warm vibrato is just done with the bar.

The vocals probably could be done in Wessex. I think there were about four tracks needed for the backing vocals.There are only two different notes in the backing vocals,but they're multi-tracked. The last track was Freddie's lead vocal, of course.

There is no special key.