Save Me

Words and music by Brian May

Recording information by Philipp

Recorded at Musicland Studios, Munich in June/July 1979.

This is a real Brian-track, cause he played almost every instrument on it.

After the three basic tracks:

were finished, Brian spent a lot of time in the studio alone...

At first he recorded a second piano-track, playing some overdubs in the second verse, from 1:35 to chorus. Then he recorded the acoustic guitar (playing most of the time). He recorded a second track with the acoustic guitar to double the first one. It's playing actually the same as the first, but sometimes there are some small variations.

Brian also recorded a keyboard, doing "warm pad" chords in the second chorus and flanging effects in the interlude. I suppose Roger or Mack helped him to get the sound. Then he took his Red Special and recorded a rhythm guitar track, playing chords in the chorusses.

But that was not the end!

At next he recorded a little guitar choir on four guitars (four tracks). You can hear them in the second chorus in the interlude and somewhere in the second verse. After that he recorded the solo-guitar, which is playing the solo, of course.

Then the backing vocals were recorded,by Brain,Roger and Freddie (three voices). And at last Freddie did the lead vocals...

A small look at the equipment: John used a four string bass (i think it's the same one as on PLAY THE GAME, but I don't know which...). Brian's acoustic guitar was an OVATION six-string. He picked it up with a microphone. The keyboard is the famous OBERHEIM OBX. For the guitar solo Brian used a treble booster.

There were all in all 15 (or16?) tracks recorded...

Key:in the verses and in the interlude it's in G the chorus and the solo are in D. The tempo is 81.

Great work Brian....