English to Portuguese phrasebook

The English to Portuguese phrasebook isn't as extensive as the Spanish equivalent (but it's better than the Dutch one). Still, maybe there will be something here you can drop into a conversation.

EnglishPortuguese (all from Brazil)
Fooling Around Vagabundeando
I Was Born To Love You Nasci Para Te Amar
Let's Turn It On Vamos Ligar
Living On My Own Vivendo Por Mim Mesmo
Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow Ame-me Como Se Não Houvesse Amanhã
Made In Heaven Feito No Céu
Man Made Paradise O Homem Fez O Paraíso
Mr Bad Guy Homem Mau
My Love Is Dangerous Meu Amor É Perigoso
Stop All The Fighting Parem Toda Luta
Strange Frontier Estranger Frontier
There Must be More To Life Than This Deve Haver Mais Na Vida Que Isso
Your Kind Of Lover Seu Tipo De Amante