Queen II

Recorded August 1973 at Trident Studios
UK release: Friday 8th March 1974
Highest Chart Position: 5 (29 weeks on chart)
Award status: Gold

USA release: 9th April 1974
Highest Chart Position: 49 (13 weeks on chart)
Hollywood rerelease (November 1991) digitally remastered by Eddy Schreyer.
Award status: Gold

Produced by Roy Thomas Baker, Robin Geoffrey Cable and Queen
Engineered by Mike Stone
Cover Concept by Mick Rock and Queen

Freddie Mercury : Vocals,Piano,Harpsichord
Brian May : Guitars,Piano,Vocals,Bells
John Deacon : Bass Guitar,Acoustic Guitar
Roger Meddows-Taylor : Percussion,Vocals

Virtuoso castanets by Roy Thomas Baker
... and nobody played synthesizer ... again

Father To Son
White Queen (As It Began)
Some Day One Day
The Loser In The End
Ogre Battle
The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke
March Of The Black Queen
Funny How Love Is
Seven Seas Of Rhye

Hollywood bonus tracks:

See What A Fool I've Been
Ogre Battle (1991 remix, Nicholas Sansano)
Seven Seas Of Rhye (1991 remix, Freddy Bastone)

The song 'The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke' is based on a painting by Richard Dadd that is in the Tate Gallery in London (actually, it wasn't there last time I looked)