Frequently Answered Questions

There are a lot of questions I get asked a lot, and so I thought I'd start a FAQ for these Queen pages. This is not a Queen FAQ and it aims to answer a slightly different sort of question.

What is the best URL of your Queen page?

The officially approved URL for these pages has been

Why don't you have more graphics?

I have no artistic talent whatsoever. Doing graphics properly takes talent as well as a lot of time and resources, and I'm sure other sites can do a much better job of that than I can. I use my full bandwidth quota as it is, and use of graphics would make this worse. Also, by using as few pictures as possible (and making them small when I do) I hope I can make access to these pages as fast as possible for people with limited bandwidth.

How can I write to either Brian May, Roger Taylor or John Deacon and get an autograph back in return?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to do this. The fan club have decided not to offer a signing service any more, and suggest that meeting Roger or Brian after a concert is the only way. So it looks like overseas people are out of luck and even UK people will find it difficult. I am afraid I can offer no suggestions for alternative ways.

Where do Roger, Brian, John live?

Sorry, I do not think it is not fair to give out that information. They and their families are entitled to their privacy. The fan club seem willing to give out Freddie's old address at the moment so contact them if you want to know where he lived. Remember it is Mary's house and not a giant blackboard. The graffiti does not look good so please don't add to it.

Where is Freddie buried?

He was not buried, he was cremated. Therefore there is no gravestone or burial place to visit. The whereabouts of his ashes is unknown (though that doesn't stop people from speculating).

There is a permanent memorial to him in Montreux (Vaud, Switzerland). It is located on the side of Lake Geneva, right in front of the market hall. You can also buy a range of postcards featuring the statue.

If you are in London and want a solemn place to remember him then his funeral service took place at West London Crematorium in Kensal Green (which is actually in North West London). There is nothing there related to him in any way at all but it is still a beautiful place.

Where is the statue from the front cover of the "Made In Heaven" album?

The cover of the Made In Heaven album was assembled by superimposing a photograph of the statue (taken in England) with a photograph of Brian/Roger/John (also taken in England) and a photograph of Freddie's house in Montreux, next to Lake Geneva.

Where can I get books from?

It seems a little too obvious to say "try a bookshop"! However, that is the best bet (or the book department at a big record store of course). The ISBN numbers in the bibliography are mainly for UK editions, but most of these books were published in other countries (maybe even the USA!) at the time they came out and many should still be available. If you print out the bibliography and take it into any good sized book store (i.e. one that has a computer ordering system) then they should be able to see which are still in print (using just the author and the name of the book) and obtain them for you if they are still available.

Who reads these pages?

Not sure, but my log files show people from nearly 80 countries accessing them. Click here for a list of countries. I used to get over 20000 accesses per month to the index.html page alone before the pages moved, but that is now significantly lower (especially now that there are many more Queen pages on the Net)

Can I link to your page?

Of course you can.

Can I use bits from your page on my page?

Yes. All of the information I have on these pages is in the public domain and so is available to anyone. However, compiling this information into it's current form has taken a lot of work and so I would ask that if you do borrow substantially from these pages that you acknowledge the source in some way and include a link to these pages.

Please write me a letter

Sorry, I don't have enough time to write snail mail. I'll answer email questions as quickly as I can but I can't answer other types of mail.