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This is a new version of my old HTML search script which offers a lot of very useless facilities and will provide several minutes of amusement if you're suitably inclined.

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Add collaboration songs to the search (alphabetical sort only) - not yet complete
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The hypertext QueenGREP interface provides a point-and-click client interface (for Mosiac and Netscape users) for searching Queen and solo songs for particular words or phrases. It is an experimental system, and further facilities may be added if I ever think of them and get the time to add them. If this gets overused then I suspect I may be asked to withdraw it.

This will do more than just do searches, it will also produce lists (well whoop-de-doo I hear you cry!). If you leave the text box blank and just click "Search" then it will produce lists of songs according to the other restrictions and sorting specified. So if you click on "Brian", click on "Released as Singles" and click on "Sort in Chart Order" then you will get a list of all the singles written by Brian (the poor little love doesn't have many). You get the idea?

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