1988 Mastermind Elimination Questions

Here are the questions from the mastermind elimination round at the 1988 Fan Club convention. In the competition, you had 8 or so minutes to do these, and the four with the most went through to the final.

Remember, the questions were asked in April 1988, so 'recent' should be interpreted accordingly.

Click here for the answers.

1. What was Queen's first song they performed at their memorable 'Live Aid' appearance in July 1985?

2. Which album has Brian credited at 'Leader of the Orchestra'?

3. John recently appeared in whose promotional video?

4. Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" and Dante's "Inferno" inspired which Freddie solo promotional video?

5. Roger sang backing vocals on two songs for Magnum. Name one.

6. Which famous Gene Vincent rock'n'roll song did Queen perform during their encore a few years back?

7. Which album is copyrighted to 'Queen Productions' and 'Starling Productions'?

8. The words 'There Can Be Only One' can be heard in the track 'A Kind Of Magic', but on what other track on the album of the same name can they be heard?

9. At the end of the song 'More Of That Jazz', snippets are played from other songs which are found on the same album. Which is the first song snippet you hear?

10. Name the first promotional video that fan club members were invited to participate in the filming of.

11. Which member of the band is found in the same coloured square on the cover of "Hot Space" and in that same colour on the inside sleeve?

12. In April 1987, Queen won an Ivor Novello Award for what?

13. 'I do like to be beside the seaside' is sung at the end of 'The Seven Seas Of Rhye', but in which song is it whistled?

14. Which is the only Queen album where on one side of the five songs featured four songs are composed by Brian and one by Freddie?

15. Roger, Brian and Freddie were credited to what on "Somebody To Love"

16. Apart from New Orleans and New York, which other American city is mentioned in 'Let Me Entertain You'

17. There is only one side of a studio Queen album that Queen has performed all the songs live during a gig. Which side and from which studio album?

18. Which Queen song is being used to promote the 'Winged Fellowship' hospice in Southport (This is the charity the weekend's auction is being donated to)?

19. Apart from "Flash's Theme" and "Flash's Theme Reprise" on the "Flash Gordon" album, what other song has the word "Flash" in the title?

20. Which Queen album was recorded in three studios?

21. Who worked as an engineer with Queen on six albums

22. What lines does Roger take lead vocals on in the song "March Of The Black Queen"

23. What is written on John's T-Shirt in the 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' promotional video?

24. Which two producers took an interest in Queen's music in De Lane Lea studios back in 1972?

25. Scenes from Metropolis can be seen in Queen's 'Radio GaGa' promotional video, bit what other promotional video can they be seen in?

26. What did Dimarzio Incorporated design for Brian's Guild guitar which is available in shops?

27. What are the two tracks on the last Queen single that had both 'A' and 'B' sides composed by Freddie alone?

28. What did Queen do on 15th August 1973?

29. Queen were the first group to sell out Glasgow's Apollo Theatre. What did the Manager of the theatre present to Queen for achieving this?

30. The 'Festival of Popular Music' was held in Edinburgh in 1976. What did Queen contribute to this?

31. 'The Messenger from Seven Seas' is mentioned in which song?

32. What was done for proceeds to go to 'Kutlwamong School for the Deaf and Blind' in Bophuthatswana?

33. 'We'd like to find a cure for every known disease' are words from which song?

34. What where the titles of the Anita Dobson singles that Brian wrote, played on, sang on and produced last year?

35. True or False: All of Freddie's 'B'sides of singles from his 'Mr Bad Guy' album can be found as extended tracks.

36. In which United Kingdom Castle did Queen once hold a concert?

37. Which Studio album's tracks were featured the most on Live Killers

38. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra paid tribute to Queen at London's Royal Albert Hall by playing an evening of their music with proceeds to which charity?

39. On the Magic Tour in 1986, which song did Queen perform to open the Queen-song medley?

40. What charity did proceeds from their 1986 Newcastle gig go to?