1989 Mastermind Final Answers (round 2)

Here are the answers from the final of the 1989 convention mastermind competition. Each contestant faced two rounds of questions with two minutes for each round. The questions are of a quick-fire nature (you get just over five seconds per question on average!) and deep answers are not expected.

Where there is an "odd one out" question, the first one is the official answer. Being Mr Pernickerty, I've also given some often quite convincing arguments as to why the others could be the odd one out as well. The moral is don't set "odd one out" questions if there is a know-all around ;-)

Remember that these questions were asked in April 1989, so 'recent' should be interpreted accordingly.



91. What is the last track found on the first Queen album?
"Seven Seas Of Rhye"

92. "Shooting star right through my heart" can be heard in which song?
"One Year Of Love"

93. Who played rhythm guitar on the "Sheer Heart Attack" track?

94. Who co wrote I Cry For You with Roger?
David Richards

95. Who played bass guitar on the "Sheer Heart Attack" track?

96. Who supported Queen on their 1975 UK tour?
Mr Big (not the current group with the same name)

97. Who wrote "The Night Comes Down"?

98. Brian is credited as leader of the orchestra on which album?
"A Day At The Races"

99. What was the second single to be released from the "Sheer Heart Attack" album?
"Now I'm Here"

100. What is the first track on the "Fun In Space" album?
"No Violins"

101. "You and I" is the B-side of which single?
"Tie Your Mother Down"

102. True or false - Queen have played a concert in Czechoslovakia

103. Where did Queen play in Finland?

104. Which single by Sigue Sigue Sputnik has Roger recently produced?

105. Apart from the drums what did Roger play on "More Of That Jazz"?

106. Odd one out - "Strange Frontier", "Man On Fire", "Killing Time"
"Killing Time" was a b-side, the others were a-sides
"Man On Fire" wasn't the first track on it's side
"Strange Frontier" because the other two were a-side and b-side of the same single

107. Arif Mardin arranged what on "Staying Power"?
Hot and spacey horns

108. Who supplied the brass vocal orchestration on "Seaside Rendezvous"?

109. "Don't wanna go and see Queen no more" can be heard in which track?
"I Go Crazy"

110. In which city did Queen open their European tour back in 74?

111. Who went to North London Polytechnic?
Roger, and it was North East London Poly which is different.

112. On one of the tours of Britain, Queen did not play London. What year?
1982 "Hot Space Tour" when they played Milton Keynes


113. Who played maracas on "More Of That Jazz"?
Roger (see question 105!)

114. Who co-wrote "Abandon Fire" with Roger?
David Richards

115. Who played acoustic guitar on "You And I"?

116. Queen supported which group on their first American tour?
Mott The Hoople (Queen's first American tour, not Mott's!)

117. Who wrote "A Human Body"?

118. On "A Day At The Races" Freddie is credited to vocals, piano, choirmaster and what?

119. What was the third single to be released from "The Works"?
"It's A Hard Life"

120. What is the first track on "Queen II"?

121. "In Only 7 Days" is the B-side of which single?
"Don't Stop Me Now" in Europe
"Mustapha" in Yugoslavia

122. True or false - Queen have played a concert in New Zealand

123. Where did Queen play in Japan for the first time?

124. What album did Roger produce for Magnum?

125. In which song did Brian play banjo on record and on stage?
"Bring Back That Leroy Brown"

126. Odd one out - "Lily of the Valley", "You And I", "One Year Of Love"
"Lily Of The Valley" wasn't written by John
"One Year Of Love" was an a-side, the other two were b-sides
"You And I" doesn't have the word "of" in the title ;-) [OK, OK!]

127. Which famous dancer is mentioned in "Man On The Prowl"?
Fred Astaire

128. Apart from "Time" which other song did Freddie sing from the official soundtrack album?
"In My Defence", and "Time (reprise)"

129. "Go go go little queenie" can be heard in which song?
"Now I'm Here"

130. Which capital city is mentioned in "Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon"?

131. Who went to Chelsea College?

132. What year did Brian have his own program on London's Capital Radio?
1985 (25th February)

133. Who presented Queen with their 25 year award for the best single with "Bohemian Rhapsody"?
Michael Aspel

134. Queen used to rehearse in which college in the beginning?
Imperial College

135. Which Queen album did Brian co-produce with Mack?
"Flash Gordon"


136. Which group appeared with Queen at all the British dates in 1986?
Status Quo

137. Who wrote "Stone Cold Crazy"?
Queen, though as it was originally a Wreckage song I've never understood this credit

138. Freddie is credited with playing jangle piano on which album?
"Sheer Heart Attack"

139. What was the second single to be released from "News of the World"?
"Spread Your Wings"

140. What is the first track on "Mr Bad Guy"?
"Let's Turn It On"

141. "Soul Brother" is the B-side of which single?
"Under Pressure"

142. True or false - Queen have played a concert in Venezuela?

143. Where did Queen play in Sweden for the first time?

144. Which track did John remix for Roger?
"I Cry For You"

145. Who supplied the seaside orchestration on "Seaside Rendezvous"?

146. Odd one out - "Tenement Funster", "Machines", "Fight From the Inside"
"Machines" wasn't solely written by Roger
"Fight From The Inside" was never a b-side (TF is on side 2 of the EP so it scrapes in)
"Tenement Funster" was performed live, the other two weren't (M was played on a backing tape)

147. What inspired Freddie to write "Bicycle Race"?
Tour De France

148. Which song on the first album was recorded at De Lane Lea Studios?
"The Night Comes Down"

149. "He just kept on barking viciously" can be heard in which song?
"See What A Fool I've Been"

150. Where in Switzerland did Queen play on their Magic tour of 86?

151. "Some Like It Hot" is whose favourite film?

152. What year was John's first gig with Queen?

153. On whose radio show did Freddie once read the weather forecast incorrectly?
Kenny Everett

154. Zandra Rhodes contributed what to Queen in the early days?

155. Mack was first brought in to co-produce which album?
"The Game"

156. Which actor did Roger produce "Love Don't Live Here Any More" for?
Jimmy Nail

157. Which song ends the medley on the "Live Killers" album?
"You're My Best Friend"

158. What instrument apart from piano did Freddie play on "Who Needs You"?
Cow Bell


159. Brian is credited with orchestral back drops on which album?
"A Night At The Opera"

160. What was the second single to be released from "A Day At The Races"?
"Tie Your Mother Down"

161. What is the first track on the "Sheer Heart Attack" album?
"Brighton Rock"

162. "White Man" is the B-side of which single?
"Somebody To Love"

163. True or False - Queen have played a concert in Luxembourg

164. Where did Queen play in Germany for the first time?

165. What is the title of the song Brian played guitar for Billy Squier?
"(Another) 1984"

166. In which song did John play double bass on the "Sheer Heart Attack" album?
"Bring Back That Leroy Brown"

167. Odd one out - "Son and Daughter", "Dear Friends", "Brighton Rock"
"Son And Daughter" isn't on "Sheer Heart Attack"
"Brighton Rock" was never a b-side, the other two were
"Dear Friends" was never performed live, the other two were

168. Steve Gregory played what on "One Year of Love"?

169. Brian sings vocals on which "Sheer Heart Attack" album track?
"She Makes Me"

170. "We live in troubled days" can be heard in which song?
"Thank God It's Christmas"

171. In which city did Queen play two shows in one night on their 1975 UK tour?

172. What is John's middle name?

173. What year was Queen's appearance at Live Aid?

174. Who is Queen's present UK publicist?
Roxy Meade

175. Where were the live shots recorded for the "Somebody To Love" promo video?
Hyde Park

176. What was the first album Queen produced by themselves?
"A Day At The Races"

177. On an album called "Dance", Roger played drums for who?
Gary Numan

178. What was the first Queen promo video animation?
"Save Me"

179. Which album did John first play acoustic guitar on?
"Queen II"

180. What year did Queen play in Yugoslavia?

181. What is the B-side of "Made in Heaven"?
"She Blows Hot And Cold"

182. Which "Sheer Heart Attack" album track featured on "Queen's First EP"?
"Tenement Funster"

183. What year did Queen play a mini tour of the UK?
1976 (Edinburgh Playhouse, Cardiff Castle, London Hyde Park)