1994 Mastermind Elimination Questions

Here are the questions from the mastermind elimination round at the 1994 Fan Club convention. In the competition, you had 8 or so minutes to do these, and the four with the most went through to the final.

Remember, the questions were asked in April 1994, so 'recent' should be interpreted accordingly.

Click here for the answers.

1. Which track on the "Queen" album was from the original De Lane Lea studio recordings?

2. Which Queen song is the theme music to the TV series Highlander?

3. Which band member gets a 'Thanks' credit on The Cross's "Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know" album sleeve?

4. In which year did Freddie achieve the 'Outstanding Contribution' award at the annual Brits Award ceremony?

5. True or false: Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" single is the only record to be number 1 in each of four different years?

6. What was Queen's second record label in the USA?

7. Which was the first Queen song to have a subtitle?

8. Which was Queen's last album with producer Roy Thomas Baker?

9. With which album did Queen renounce their 'no synthesizer' policy?

10. What was the last Queen single in the UK to have both sides composed only by ALL members of the band?

11. In which studio were the new 'Queen Digital Master Series' digitally remastered?

12. What is the title given to the CD/Cassette issued with the celebratory 'Box of Tricks'?

13. Who played keyboards on the "Barcelona" album?

14. The debut "Queen" album was recorded in Trident and De Lane Lea studios, but which other non-Queen album was also recorded in both those studios?

15. Who coproduced with Roger his "Nazis 1994" single?

16. John Deacon plays bass on which Brian May solo song?

17. What was the highest position in the UK Gallup chart of "The Freddie Mercury Album"?

18. Who sang backing vocals on Freddie's single "The Great Pretender"?

19. Which non-Queen member helped to design the bands debut album cover?

20. Brian once produced an album called "Lettin Loose" for which band?

21. EMI once stated two of the most requested Queen singles were "Now I'm Here" and "Fat Bottomed Girls". Both of these songs were featured on which Queen single of the 90s?

22. Which was the first Queen single to appear in 'sheet music' form?

23. What is the *full* title of the Queen album released in 1992?

24. What was the title given to the tape of The Cross Fan Club Christmas Party concert held in December 1990?

25. The 'Additional Orchestral Arrangements' were by whom on the Flash Gordon album?

26. The legendary Pans People once danced to which Queen single on "Top Of The Pops"?

27. What is the first song you *hear* on The Brian May Bands 'Live At The Brixton Academy' video and album?