1996 Mastermind Elimination Questions

Here are the questions from the mastermind elimination round at the 1996 Fan Club convention. In the competition, you had 8 or so minutes to do these, and the four with the most went through to the final.

Remember, the questions were asked in May 1996, so 'recent' should be interpreted accordingly. Thanks to Wolfgang for typing them in.

Click here for the answers.

1. Which song was included as the "extra" track on The Miracle CD single?

2. Which European Queen release has a "sexy club mix" featured on one of the CD singles?

3. "Black White House" is the subtitle of which single featuring Brian?

4. Which Queen album has a different title in the UK to the USA but with the same track listing?

5. Which song provides the background music to the opening credits of "Queen - Live At Wembley '86" video?

6. In which year did Queen have a concert taped for radio broadcasting for the first time in their career?

7. In which video can you see all four of the band but only two perform the song?

8. Who mixed the "Radio Mix" of Driven By You with Brian Malouf?

9. What is the newspaper headline at the beginning of the Scandal promo video?

10. Which Dutch artist supported the Brian May Band on the European leg of their winter 93 tour?

11. Which song did Susan Rogers re-mix for Hollywood Records?

12. Apart from the members of Queen, whose name is mentioned on the Queen and Made In Heaven album sleeves notes?

13. Which track by Queen is used to promote "Mobil Oil" on TV?

14. Which track was re-mixed for inclusion on Hollywood's "Queen Talks" CD?

15. What colour vinyl was Live Killers released in Japan?

16. What is the b-side of Brians "Back To The Light" 7" single in the UK?

17. Brian played harmonium piano and plastic piano on which track?

18. Which country did Roger travel to last month to meet Mother Theresa to discuss opening an AIDS hospital?

19. Miriam Stockley was one of Brians backing singers but which track did she provide backing vocals for Freddie?

20. Which Queen song is utilised on the C-130 Hercules (Fat Albert) aircraft video?