1997 Mastermind Elimination Questions

Here are the questions from the mastermind elimination round at the 1997 Fan Club convention. In the competition, you had 8 or so minutes to do these, and the four with the most went through to the final.

Remember, the questions were asked in April 1997, so 'recent' should be interpreted accordingly. Thanks to Wolfgang for typing them in.

Click here for the answers.

1. What is the first song you hear when watching the Greatest Flix video?

2. Queen reached the top of the USA 'Billboard Chart' for the first time with which album?

3. Mike Shipley remixed which Queen song?

4. Which Queen II album track is found on the Queen At The Beeb/BBC album?

5. What is the sub-title of the first Magic Years video set?

6. What is the title of the solo song Brian wrote with four other friends?

7. On the 3" CD single set, which track features with We Are The Champions and We Will Rock You?

8. What was the 'b' side of the In My Defence single in the UK?

9. Who played synthesizer with Roger on the track Coming Soon?

10. Where in Holland was Queen's first gig in the country?

11. What was the first single to be released in the USA from the Made In Heaven album?

12. Which band member had an early job as a disco promoter?

13. What is the title of the song Brian sings as a duet in the "The Adventures Of Pinocchio"?

14. Which Roger solo song title can be heard in the lyrics of Sheer Heart Attack?

15. At which BBC Studio were the first Queen recordings made for their first session at 'the Beeb'?

16. For which video did all the members of Queen appear together to film the promo for the very last time?

17. Which song did Smile perform at live concerts which appeared on Brian's solo album?

18. During the bands 'A Night At The Opera' UK tour of 1975, once they played TWO concerts in one night. In which city did this happen?

19. In which calendar year did Queen have THREE songs at No.1 in the UK gallup singles chart?

20. Which Queen album has been recently re-released as part of EMI's 'The Vinyl Collection' to celebrate their first centenary?