1998 Mastermind Elimination Questions

Here are the questions from the mastermind elimination round at the 1998 Fan Club convention. In the competition, you had 8 or so minutes to do these, and the four with the most went through to the final.

The questions were asked on May 8, 1998, so 'today' should be interpreted accordingly. Thanks to Wolfgang for typing them in.

Click here for the answers.

1. In which year did Queen sign their three contracts with Trident?
2. Queen opened their European Tour today in 1977 - in which city?
3. At which video shoot did Queen first meet the infamous 'Torpedo Twins'?
4. Who designed the Greatest Flix II video box?
5. In which theater were Queen playing twenty four years ago tonight?
6. Which was the first solo single by Roger to enter the official UK Top 75 single chart??
7. Queen won an award at the Midem Festival in 1978 - what for?
8. Which single taken from Mr Bad Guy album failed to chart in the UK?
9. What was the sub-title of The Queen Phenomenon TV programme?
10. Who worked on the arrangement for the track Foreign Sand?
11. Tony Cousins was one of two people who re-mastered Roger's first two solo albums. Whom was the other?
12. Which track did Brian record for the Mott The Hoople Tribute album?
13. Who re-mixed all the music for "The eYe" computer game?
14. Which album did Brian co-produce with Mack?
15. In New Zealand which album was released on red vinyl?
16. In which year did Queen have their first concert broadcast on BBC Radio One?
17. Which CDV was released nine years ago today??
18. Which Queen song can be heard in the instrumental version of Machines?
19. On Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll who provided extra vocals?
20. Which track achieved a 'rocks retake'?