Let Your Heart Rule Your Head

Words and music by Brian May

From Matthew J. Karweick

I was playing around today and I accidentally stumbled across the chords for Brian May's "Let Your Heart Rule Your Head". It's not perfect, but here goes:

Brian is using a capo on the third fret. The verse goes from a G chord to a D and quickly goes to a C. The Chorus alternates G and C with a D when the word "tonight" is sung. The bridge is a little tricky, but it probably modulates to a minor key. I gotta work on it a little bit more.

So there it is. Hope you enjoy it!

Vince Franco adds the following:

"I was playing around with the chords you listed for the song. The song is capo 2, not capo 3. Alternatively, it can be played open without a capo. The G becomes A, the C becomes D, and the D becomes E. It sounds pretty good but I think the capo 2 chords sound a little better. In the open chords, a D9 can be substituted for the D to let the open E string ring out. Give it a try."