'you had to be there'

Words and music by Roger Taylor

Transcribed by Damien Foster
Intro:  Dm/A  Am  C/G  G  Bb/F  F  C     Bb     

Dm/A                        Am 
the sweetest moments that i ever had 
         C/G                 G
the most magic memories that i recall
          Bb/F                F
(when the man came out and complained in the hall)
       C              Bb        
when i met you, when i met you 

'you had to be there' 

(with same progression)
the darkest hour that i ever lived
and the longest fall that i ever fell
and the sun went in and the night was hell
when you left me when you left me
'you had to be there' 

(guitar solo over intro progression)

(with verse progression)
the sweetest thoughts that i entertain
are of happy days that might come again
i don't know your face i don't know your name
'til we meet again..... hope we meet again
'you have to be there'