Words and music by Freddie Mercury

Transcribed by Aladin Quatchiff
	           F                    Dmi
	There's no living in my life anymore
	The seas have gone dry
	        Bb           F
	And the rain stopped falling
	Please don't you cry anymore
	Can't you see
	Bb            F
	Listen to the breeze
	Bb            F
	Whisper to me please
	      Gmi                         C
	Don't send me to the path of nevermore

	Even the valleys below
	Where the rays of the sun
	Were so warm and tender
	Now haven't anything to grow
	Can't you see
	Why did you have to leave me
	Why did you deceive me
	You send me to the path of nevermore
	         A                         Dmi
	When you say you didn't love me anymore
	Bb   F
	Bb   F