Dear Friends

Words and music by Brian May

Transcribed by Stefan Wolf

The chords of this song are rather easy to play. Some parts might sound different from the original - because I have only written down "clean" chords (no "add9" or something). These parts are easier to play that way and it won't sound WORSE than in the CD-version.

D                    G        D
So dear friends your love has gone

D             A     D A
Only tears to dwell upon

  D        D          D    D    A7
I dare not say as the wind must blow

     A               A
So a love is lost, a love is won.

D               G      D
Go to sleep and dream again

D                    A    D   A
Soon your hopes will rise and then

     D                              A7
From all this gloom life can start anew

             A7           G     D
And there'll be no crying soon.