Polar Bear

Words and music by Brian May

Transcribed by Paul Culmsee
E                D             A             Asus **
In a bright shop window sits a polar bear
E                     D              A              Asus
makes the childrens eyes light up tp see him there
D           D7              F#m        A    E
Amongst the tinsel he gives everyone a smile
but see him as you see a star
love him from where you are

A             F#m      D       A
He's not for, not for, not for sale

Past an open window walks the pretty girl
Does she see me at her feet it's hard to tell
But if I ask her she might turn her smile away
To see her as I'd see a star
Love her from where you are

She's not for, not for, not for sale

I guess I'll learn to look
Without a grasping hand
Minor contentment wears a smile
I love her from where I lie

He's not for, not for, not for sale
Not for sale
** I just play a simple sus4,sus2,natural bit here. This is NOT the way it is in the song.