Queen - The Eye

Renne Tergujeff did a net search for "Queen - The Eye" and found a review of by Kevin Jones. It has some stuff that has not been said before, particularly about The Eye itself... read on

Electronic Arts present Queen - The Eye

review by Kevin Jones

Queen - The Eye is a new idea in gaming from Electronic Arts, who in collaboration with Queen and EMI, have designed a five CD set featuring over one and a half hours of classic Queen tracks.

The action-adventure based game which is set in the future, puts you in the position of Dubroc, who is being stalked by the creature called Death on Two Legs. You must travel round the five domains (The Arena, The Works, The Theatre, The Innuendo and The Final Domain) each one having collapsed into a cruel recession, and recover the Eye, which is a piece of self-replicating biotechnology that is only thing left to ensure that humanity is not destroyed forever.

With an engaging storyline which features over 30 creative characters, and the familier soundtrack, Queen - The Eye should do very well with not only Queen fans, but also the discerning gamer.