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Jason's Updated Trainspotter Guide to song versions
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Article about the Parsi community/Zoroastrianism
References for Brian's astronomy papers
The "Fairy Fellers Master Stroke" painting
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Guest appearances on other people's records
Guest appearances on Queen records
List of unreleased material
Description of Box of Trix poster
Queen - The Eye

The Freddie Mercury Rose
Queeny places to go in London

Roger's breakfast recipe in charity cookbook

Guild Guitar information

Review of the Guild Brian May guitar
Wiring diagram for Brian's Red Special
Guild guitar owner's manual
Guild guitar specifications
Two articles on the the Vox AC30 amplifier
Gonzalo's review of the Star Licks video
Guitar Magazine Vol 4 No 7 article on Guild Brian May Preamp

[Queen picture [5k]]Queen Lyrics

Queen II
Sheer Heart Attack
A Night At The Opera
A Day At The Races
News Of The World
Live Killers
The Game
Flash Gordon
Greatest Hits
Hot Space
The Works
A Kind Of Magic
Live Magic
The Miracle
Queen At The Beeb (known as "Queen At The BBC" in North America)
Greatest Hits II
Classic Queen
Live At Wembley 1986
Made In Heaven
Queen Rocks
Greatest Hits III
Other Queen songs

[Freddie]Freddie Lyrics

Mr Bad Guy
The Freddie Mercury Album (known as " The Great Pretender" in North America)
Freddie Mercury Remixes
Other Freddie songs

[Roger]Roger Lyrics

Fun In Space
Strange Frontier
Shove It
Mad Bad and Dangerous To Know
Blue Rock
Electric Fire
Other Roger songs

[Brian]Brian Lyrics

Star Fleet Project
Back To The Light
Live At The Brixton Academy
Another World
Other Brian songs

[John]Miscellaneous Lyrics

Gettin' Smile
Ghost Of A Smile
Miscellaneous songs not on any regular album, including Larry Lurex, Immortals, Testify etc.
Live songs not on any album, including Tavaszi Szél, Hangman, God (the dream is over) etc.
Lyrics of cameo appearances
Translated lyrics of foreign language songs

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Simple lyric search page
Experimental "alta-vista" style lyric search page
List of most frequent words
List of songs referencing other songs
Translate song lyrics into 62 languages

Keyboard chords and guitar tablature

Dodgy guitar tab and chords

Queen Interviews

Transcription of interview with Roger on "Modern Drummer" October 1984
Transcription of 1991 interview with Roger, talking about The Cross
Transcription of interview with Brian and Roger on VH1, March 1997
Brian and Roger on VH1's "10 Of The Best", March 1997
Transcription of BBC Radio 1 one hour documentary, December 1995
Transcription of "The Queen Phenomenon" TV documentary
Brian - "Guitar Player" magazine January 1983
Brian - "Guitarist" magazine December 1992
Roger's drum masterclass on the BBC World Service Radio
Brian 1993 interview on Virgin Radio
Transcription of Brian guesting as a Capital Radio DJ
Transcription of interview with Brian about the "Star Fleet" album
Transcription of interviews with Brian and Roger at 1992 MTV Music Awards

Queen Mastermind Questions

Fan Club 1988 Mastermind elimination questions
Fan Club 1989 Mastermind elimination questions
Fan Club 1989 Mastermind final questions
Fan Club 1994 Mastermind elimination questions
Fan Club 1995 Mastermind elimination questions
Fan Club 1996 Mastermind elimination questions
Fan Club 1997 Mastermind elimination questions
Fan Club 1998 Mastermind elimination questions



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