The following list includes non-album singles, non-album b-sides, CD bonus tracks and tracks on obscure albums.

Mad the Swine
See What A Fool I've Been
A Human Body
Soul Brother
I Go Crazy
Thank God It's Christmas
Blurred Vision
A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling
Hang On In There
Chinese Torture
Hijack My Heart
My Life Has Been Saved
Lost Opportunity
Rock In Rio Blues
The Immortals
No Turning Back
Larry Lurex
I Can Hear Music
Going Back
Roger Taylor
I Wanna Testify
Turn On The TV
Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)
Feel The Force
Foxy Lady
In Charge Of My Heart
Final Destination (Yoshiki verison)
One Night Stand
Keep A Knockin'
Freddie Mercury
Love Kills
Time (reprise)
In My Defence
The Great Pretender
Exercises In Free Love
She Blows Hot And Cold
Stop All The Fighting
Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe
Exercises In Free Love
Freddie Mercury and Jo Dare (soundtrack to "Zabou")
Hold On
M.C. Spidey and "Friends"
The Amazing Spiderman
Brian May
Son Of Star Fleet
God (the dream is over)
Hot Patootie
Maybe Baby
Only Make Believe
My Boy
Otro Lugar
Brian May and Sissel Kyrkjebo (soundtrack to "The Adventures of Pinocchio")
Il Collosso
What Are We Made Of

Fan Club convention songs
Is Everybody Happy? (Freddie 1987)
Dog With A Bone (Queen 1988)