1989 Mastermind Elimination Answers

Here are the answers to the set of questions. These are not the official answers, so feel free to disagree with them. Remember, the questions were asked in April 1989, so 'recent' should be interpreted accordingly.

1. Queen first performed this song 'live' back in 1974. They dropped it from the set in 1976 but brought it back in 1977 and they have played it on every tour since. Which song is it?
"Now I'm Here"

2. On which track did Roger use his mouth to achieve a 'horn effect'?

"Dreamers Ball"

3. Which track can be found on the American version of The Cross's "Shove It" album but not found on the UK Version?

"Feel The Force"

4. Which song do the following lyrics come from? "It takes a tough guy to learn some new tricks"

"A Human Body" (b-side to "Play The Game")

5. Which member of Queen does not wear any jewellry on the cover photo of the "Sheer Heart Attack" album?


6. Which was the only Queen single to be released to feature Brian on lead vocals throughout the 'A' side?

"Long Away" (which was released in the USA and in Taiwan as part of a four- artist EP).

7. What other track can be found on the 3" CD single with "Another One Bites The Dust" and "Dragon Attack"?

"Las Palabras De Amor"

8. Brian played guitar on a track for 'Living in a Box'. What is the title of the song?

"Blow The House Down"

9. Which track featured John on bass on Freddie's and Montserrat's "Barcelona" album?

"How Can I Go On"

10. Which single did Queen perform on 'The Crazy Tour' in 1979 before it's release in 1980?

"Save Me"

11. Which Connie Francis song did Queen perform at some of their concerts in the seventies?

"Stupid Cupid"

12. 1974, 1980, 1986 - What is different about these years to other years Queen have released albums?

They released two albums in those years. Of course 1989 also had two (Miracle, Queen At The Beeb) and 1991 had two (Innuendo, Hits II), but these questions predate that.

13. A 'Queen Day' was declated in Boston USA in 1982, but what did the Mayor of Boston present Queen with for the day?

The freedom of, and keys to, the city. (Don't know what they did with them!)

14. Which promo video did Queen film at London's "New London Theatre Centre" in Drury Lane?

"We are the Champions". There was a free gig after the shoot and everyone was presented with an advance copy of the single

15. Which single marked the first ever single to be released in the 12" format anywhere in the world?

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love", which was released on 12" in Germany and Venezuela.

16. Apart from hearing "Thank You" at the end of songs on the live albums, which studio track ends with the words "thank you"? (and it's not 'BackChat' with 'merci beaucoup'!)

"See What A Fool I've Been" (b-side to "Seven Seas of Rhye")

17. For what did Queen win an award at the 1987 British Video Awards ceremony?

The "Live In Budapest" video

18. What was different about "Killer Queen"/ "Flick of the Wrist" and "Bicycle Race"/ "Fat Bottomed Girls" singles to others released in the UK?

Double-A sided. Many people think that "We Will Rock You"/"We Are The Champions" was a double-A, but in fact "Champions" was the A-side. This may not be true in other countries.

19. What were Queen doing at Kempton Park in 1976?

They launched "A Day At The Races". Kempton Park is a race course in south-west London. They sponsored a race and were presented with some 'Old-Spice' gift sets.

20. Which Queen song is featured in the movie "Highlander" which can't be found on their "A Kind Of Magic" album?

"Hammer To Fall". They would also accept "A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling", but would not accept "New York New York" since that is not a Queen song.

21. John Anthony sings vocals on which Queen song?

"Modern Times Rock'n'Roll" (presumably harmonies in the chorus)

22. Which actress appeared with Freddie at the "Fashion Aid" charity show in 1985?

Jane Seymour. He was wearing the outfit from the "Living On My Own" video and she was wearing a wedding dress, if I remember correctly.

23. Apart from English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic(ish), what other language can Freddie be heard singing in?

Hungarian, as in Tavaszi Szél
As to the other languages:

Now the question also mentions German. Does anyone have any ideas? It could be "Dancer" - there is something in that which could be German (but that is the Munich Hilton receptionist and is not Freddie, so this is unlikely). Or it could be "The Millionaire Waltz" (with "Take me wiz you und love me forever" which does have one word of German).

Brian has, of course, sung "Too Much Love Will Kill You" live in Italian, French and German, but that doesn't count :)

24. Which Elton John song has Queen played at many of their live concerts over the years?

"Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting"

25. Louie Austin produced what track on the first 'Queen' album?

"The Night Comes Down"

26. Which guest musician provided the 'fairlight programming' on the track "Machines (or Back to Humans)"?


27. Queen won a nomination once for a BAFTA award. For which album?

"Flash Gordon". BAFTA is the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, so it is bound to be something filmy.

28. Two Queen singles have been released in the UK that have had both 'A' and 'B' sides penned by Brian. Name both.

"Keep Yourself Alive"/"Son And Daughter"
"Hammer To Fall"/"Tear It Up"

29. Queen rehearsed at "Liveware Studios" before embarking on a tour of the UK to support which album?

"Sheer Heart Attack"

30. What was the first studio album not to print credits to what each member of the band played?

"The Game"

31. Apart from on the "A Kind Of Magic" album, on what other album can you hear the words "Who Wants To Live Forever"?

"Flash Gordon" (Vultan says it)

32. Apart from the actual song "Keep Yourself Alive", in which other two Queen songs can you hear Freddie sing those famous words?

"Soul Brother" (b-side to "Under Pressure")
"Dead On Time"

33. Which Queen album has Freddie credited to one song only?

"A Kind Of Magic" ("Princes of the Universe" is the only sole credit)

34. Brian's inspiration for this song came from a dream. Which song was it?

"The Prophet's Song"

35. What is different about singles released from the "Flash Gordon" and "Queen II" albums to singles released from other Queen albums?

There was only one single worldwide
A quick tally:
Q1 - 2 KYA, L
Q2 - 1 SSOR
DATR - 4 STL, TYMD, LA, TT (plus GOFLB as a half I suppose)
Jazz - 4 BR/FBG, DSMN, M, J
Flash - 1 F
Works - 4 RGG, IWBTF, HL, HTF (MOTP promos also exist)
LM - 0 (none, but American UP promos exist)
QATB - 0

36. Queen's new album "The Miracle" has a cover concept by Richard Gray. Which other Queen album did he also do the cover concept for?

"A Kind Of Magic"

37. At Queen's first ever video shoot for Trident, they performed two songs. What were they?

"Keep Yourself Alive", "Liar"

38. The "One Vision" promo video wasn't the first video to show shots of Queen in the studio mixed with some live footage of the group on stage during a gig. Which was the first?

"Somebody To Love" (which included bits of the Hyde Park concert)

39. "The Audience Who Attended The Concerts" was the dedication on which album?

"Live Killers"

40. Which song from "Queen II" did Queen perform on the Magic Tour?

"Seven Seas Of Rhye"